Sunday, April 26, 2009

Learn How To Recycle Items In Pet Society

Reduce Reuse Recycle | Learn How To Recycle Items In Pet Society!

Go green in pet society.

Is your room or chest too cluttered with unused items with no room for display? Now you can recycle it and exchange for a prize item. You can recycle anything, I've tried food, door and even poo! By the way recycle poo gives 8 recycle points, 5 point food item gives 10 recycle points.

There are 3 cut off points to cash out at 10,000, 20,000 and 30,000 recycle points. It is also an award that you can chase after!

Here's how you can get to the recycle bin.

Step 1:

Look for your chest and open it up.

Recycle Reuse Reduce

Step 2:

You will find the recycle bin located just under the cash register. To recycle an item just drag the item that you want to recycle to the recycle bin.

Recycle Reuse Reduce

Step 3:

And you will be greeted with this screen where you are shown the recycle points that you item is worth. If you have decided to recycle the item just click on the "tick" to proceed the recycle job. That's it!

Recycle Reuse Reduce

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Smile and Say Cheese in Pet Society

Your pet can now Smile and Say Cheese!

Just found a new icon when I visited pet society today. Guess what! you can take a picture of your pet now.

Say Cheese

Look for the camera icon just beside the status (smiley face). Click on it and you will be brought to the screen below.

Where you can take a picture of the room, a close up shot ofyour pet or even a portrait shot!
Cool I just too 2 pictures, one close up shot and a shot at the stadium ... After my pet won the race of course. HeeHee what else. Yeah victory shot!

Got try it out, you can display those photos as well on Facebook photo albums.
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Make your pet poo in pet society.

Well, since my last post is about the "House of shit Award". I guess is good to share a little about getting you pet to poo in the pet society game. I had observed that new pet poo faster. (No pun intended.)

First of all, your pet needs to be left "dirty" meaning having a low hygiene score. Hygiene is represented by the blue bar. I recalled not cleaning it for days.

Secondly, keep on feeding and playing with your pet. Feeding is represented by the red bar and playing the green bar. I keep those as full as possible.

Rule of the thumb is eat and play with no bath! Sounds like any typical kid who does not like to shower isn't it? ;-)
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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Unique houses on Pet Society

Interesting neighbors around you.

This house is vying for the:

"House Full of Shit" award

Seen better ones, alert me. Get featured on my blog ;-) It's free publicity and more friends add...
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mini Golf Language Change

Woah! Playfish is learning fast that their players speaks a variety of language and not only English. This could probably the first game that has language change menu. Have you seen anything similar before? Website yes, but in games, hmm this may be the first?

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Metal Detector Trophy - How to at Moscow (9 Coins)

Metal Detector Trophy - Hole 9, Moscow (9 coins)

1. Aim the arrow full blast so that the edge of the triangle hits the left or right side of the wall (I prefer the right side). The ball should reach the large coin on top of the ramp.

Metal Detector at Moscow 1

2. The ball usually doesn’t hit the small coin on the ramp. Use small force to get closer to the bottom of the ramp. Then, with medium force, aim for the coin.

Metal Detector at Moscow 2 Metal Detector at Moscow 3

3. Aim the ball to hit all three flaps and the rest of the coins. (this part is always random, unless you hit the first flap at a certain angle that makes the ball roll in the shape of a diamond, hitting all flaps and coins and entering the launch… I’ve never done it , but know someone who can).

Metal Detector at Moscow 4

(as you can see, I’m not good at angling and the shot I made did not hit all the flaps, but the black arrow shows how the ball will move if properly angled) Also, I do not know the proper timing so that the bear doesn’t block the ball after it hits the last coin.

4. Aim for the launch once all flaps and coins are hit, but use medium force if you are near the entrance or fairly large force if you’re far (and make sure the bear is not going to block the entrance, i.e. let him pass the entrance and be on his way towards the ramp.

Metal Detector at Moscow 5

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