Saturday, October 11, 2008

Playfish : Pet Society Ways to get coins and paw points

Pet Society: Ways to get coins and paw points

Just added this game a 3 to 4 days ago and I'm at level 18 so sharing with you how i got those points and coins from. List will grow so I may do a few posts to keep the page short.

Tip 1: Get coins by walking through the trees. Some trees have coins there. Once you have finish a round and you needed more coins, go home or visit nearby friend's house then get out of the house again to repeat.

Coins found amongst the trees

Tip 2: Get coins and paw points by visiting friends and play, tell a joke, dance etc with them. Just do something. Plus you can get award for just doing that after X visits. Gold is at 300 visits. Check out your trophy status.

Visit friends and play with them

Points or coins from friend visit trip

Tip 3: Get even more coins or paw points. After visiting friends, check out their happiness and hygiene stats. I normally don't feed them because if they are hungry other stats drops faster. "You can visit other pets house from the world and you country network" A lot of people asked me about this point, I need to make a special note on this, the "world and local country tab" is not available currently. I noice that it has been removed after game improvement. I'm not sure if Playfish will bring them back again to Pet Society. If they do then you know what to to, else this does not work.

Additional points and coins from friend visit trip

Coins and Paw points 1

Coins and Paw points 1

Cheer them up using brush or just tickling them

"Ways to get coins and paw points part 2"
"Hurdle race Tips and Tricks"
"Pet Society Game Review"

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  1. how do u visit other people around the world?

  2. I have a exploit to hack in all playfish games. Email me at for details. Bye

  3. yeah how do u visit other people around the world?

  4. @ Joe and another person who asked how to visit other people around the world.

    I was able to do that when I first started to play Pet Society, but that option was removed after they have enhance their system. Currently, I'm not sure if they will bring those 2 tabs back again.

    Hope it clarifies your question.

  5. Stella here, have u heard of ppl saying on pet society, just visit your friends and u can get 20coins for the first visit of the day? well its not true, i found out when my friends number increased.

    Pet society gives u 20coins for every first visit of all your friends everyday? it's
    totally not true, they only give 20coins to first 50 visits of your friends. 10 coins
    to the next 25 visits of your friends. 5 coins only thereafter. Heres how i got to the
    i have 81 friends, i start from the top to visit first.
    @ 52th friends: i got my first 10coins only.
    so meaning first 51 gets 20coins, but i was in the top 51, so i minus myself.
    hence first 50 friends visit = 20coins
    @ 77th friends: i got my first 5coins only.
    so meaning @ 76th was my last 10coins visit.
    So we need to use 76 to minus off the 51 which gives us 25.
    hence next 24 friends visit = 10coins

    The rest of my visits were all 5 coins.

  6. @Stella, Sorry didn't reply to this earlier. You are right It's has a "stepped" chart for coins earn via visiting.

  7. hey there. there are people who do cheating and thats not fair so can you stop them from doing so

  8. how can i get frww coins in ps??

  9. I don't get any coins when I visit friends! I didn't know you were supposed to. I have made 110 visits.

    Also, what is cheating? Cheating at what?

  10. when i tell my frens joke . etc no money pops out

  11. look, the best way to get coins is to every day visit each friend and hug them or dance with them. doing this gets you 20 coins per pet, however, if you tell a joke or anything accept dance or hug you get 5-15 coins. the problem is you get coins from doing this ONLY on he first time you visit them each day, so, every time you go onto pet society make sure the irst thing you do is visit each of your friends' pets and hug them or dance with them! tnx, phebs ,11, london

  12. to visit pets u don't know, go in the cafe then visit the people there! ;-)

  13. i was wondering if you could feed pets you visit that are not friends - like ones you visit in the cafe?

  14. can you add me in pet society..?? pls... add me pls.. full add... thx a lot..

  15. how often can you visit a frind and get $$ for it? I think it takes 12-24 hrs, no?

  16. What is pet poo? Do you earn anything from getting it?

  17. What is pet poo? I keep seeing it and have just read how my pet can make it!!! but want do you get from it? Does it give you more coins?

  18. from poo u can earn extra coins... ;) nice one he!

  19. Ok thank you but HOW do you get the extra coins from it? Please help! :) Thank you :) :) :)

  20. I need some new way of getting coins and pawpoints.
    My pet is so broke....I wont be able to buy new items this week

  21. how to get pet poo?

  22. how could any1 possibly cheat? everyone talks about it but how?

  23. how can I add more friends on Pet Society??

  24. click the "INVITE" button.. at your left side to invite more friends.. "the more friends the more you earn a lot of money" :D

  25. So it is pasible to hack coins?

  26. please add me in facebook: Jill York

    my pet could use friends like yours. thanks!

  27. @anon Feb 12 – I know how it feels of the unfairness of it. But there’s nothing that I can do, however I do heard of people getting banned by playfsh.

    @anon Feb 20 – You should see the coins being added when you visit your friends, about once per day per visit. On the note about cheating, I do know some cheated to advance in level very quickly.

    @anon Feb 20 – How many times did you visited your friend that day. It’s usually once per day per visit.

    @anon Feb 22 – “doing this gets you 20 coins per pet, however, if you tell a joke or anything accept dance or hug you get 5-15 coins.” I usually get 20, and 15 coins if I visited the number 50th /51st friend.

    @Maika & Anon mar 2– You are right Café is open go make more friends there. You can actually go to the person’s profile and add the person a friend 

    @Anon Mar 7 – You are listed as anonymous how do others add you? LOLx

    @Anon Mar 13 – I would say 24 hours.

    @Anon Mar 15 – If you click on it you will only get 1 coin, but people collect it to decorate their house more from what I’ve notice. LOL Each pet can only “make” and have 3 poos with you, if you want you pet to poo more.. you will have to gift your poo to a friend.
    @Anon Mar 21 – But it’s only 1 coin  I think I rather “collect” it for deco haha.

    @Anon Mar 22- The only one that I didn’t added here is to visit the café to know more friends, feed, play with them.

    @anon Mar 26 – Let me refer you to this post:

    @anon mar27 – some are using 3rd party software to do it.

    @Anon Apr 1- I would suggest for you to visit other pets at the Café and onve you are st their home there is a view profile button from there you can request to be friends. Alternatively, like what anon of Apr 9 says click on invite, but I should thing café is better as you know that they are already playing pet society.

    @Anon Apr 12 – Jill, I just did a check there are a whole list of Jill Yoke, I’m not sure which one is you…

  28. you can make your pet poo by letting your hygene drop below 50%. so feed and play with your pet like always but do not wash. eventually you pet will begin to shake, and then he will poop. when you click the poop, you get money. from time to time you get golden poop which is worth more money. the game only allows three poops in your house at one time, so make sure to clean it up.

  29. how do i get free playfish coins?

  30. hey!!! is there some cheat for pet society??
    i wnat to get it!!
    tell me who has t!!!
    ok!!! please!!! thanks a lot!! ^_^

  31. To get pet poo make your pet's hygiene very low and health very high.

  32. how do i get playfish cash??

  33. Is there a way of resetting who's in the Cafe without having to refresh the page? Visiting and grooming the other pets is a great way to make cash but it's a pain having to reset the game to get another random lot of pets in the Cafe to visit and groom. If anyone has an answer that would be super great! =D

  34. i have been searching the net for a week and i DID NOT find the hack for pet society!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. hi all...
    another way to earn coins is by planting vegetables in your garden and letting them grow to "bigger" sizes. the bigger they are the more coins you get when you sell them through your chest. you will have to wait for a few days though but it can double or even triple the coins you used when you bought the seeds after selling them when they grow after a few days.

    thanks for the "pet poop" info

    please don't use the cheats... it spoils the fun...

    by the way, you can add me as a friend i play resto city, pet soc and country story but please add a message when you add me as a friend that it's for "gaming / trading purposes" or something... and no spam to my email...



  36. I do not understand why I obtain 30 coins for the first few visits of the day. I have 150+ friends, is that the reason?

  37. How can you be in a higher level???

  38. plant only trees in your gardens and for each fruit you can get 65-85 coins, they take som time to grown but if you have both gardens full, you get atleast 2 fruits a day

  39. The task notebook says I need to buy seeds. I did (twice!) and it is still marked as not done. Why?

  40. "Anonymous said...
    I do not understand why I obtain 30 coins for the first few visits of the day. I have 150+ friends, is that the reason?

    AUGUST 24, 2009 8:59 PM"

    you get 30 coins not because you have 150+ friends, it is because they are active. friends that are active have logged in to pet society in the past 24hrs and will have a red icon next to their photo, & you will get 10 extra coins for the active pets

  41. aren't there any million coin hacks?

  42. that's the old version , pet society change its look and so man more and besides i think that the way to get paw points is by playing other games @ FB and get FB credits to get some playfish and i think playfish helps to increase the paw points