Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Playfish : Pet Society Ways to get coins and paw points. Part 2

Pet Society: Ways to get coins and paw points part 2.

Tip 4: Play games like "Jump the rope", "Catch the Frisbee" and "Pass the ball" to get both the trophies and coins when you need it. Turn on the sound when you play, I score higher with that as I could "hear" when my pet hits the ball and get ready.

Tip 5: Goto to the Stadium and participate in the hurdle race, there are 10 races each day, if you win the race it's 30 coins per win.


Tip 6: Bet on the winning pet, to win coins and trophy. I bet towards winning the trophy, not so much of winning coins... Initially I was loosing more coins then winning. One of the commenter Jason L seemed to have crack the betting code... I've just completed some a few rounds of testing and enhanced it, go check it out. CLICK HERE : Pet Society Betting Tip & Trick or System

Tip 7: Open the daily lottery. Just click on the envelope and it will open up the lottery.

Tip 8: Use the brush and brush your own pet, you will have endless coins and paw points. Your wrist will get tired shortly. :)

Goto: "Ways to get coins and paw points part 1"
"Hurdle race tips and tricks"

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  1. I got a nice tips for Betting
    (without losing too much coins).

    Starts off with 5 coins, and if you lose, 2x the amount of bet.
    Since the winning per bet is 2x the amount bet, so players still get the +5 coins per win.

    e.g lets say I have 100coins, i bet 5 coin but lose, i'll still have 95coin, if I bet 2x the amount I lose, 10coins and win the bet, i'll get +20coins. so 95+20 = 105 coins.
    therefore i'll still get more money. :P

  2. Thanks Jason, Will put that in ... Law of Probability eh!

  3. a huge coin/paw point payout comes from visiting pets.. the tip is to fight the pet first off, wait two hours and come back for a hug. you get coins both times, and points for any visit throughout the day

  4. May i know how to check the daily lottery?

  5. My advice is to avoid what Jason says. The cap for bets is 500 coins, so ater several unsuccessful bets, you will lose a lot of money and not be able to double the bet. I did something similar today and lost 1200. I felt like shit, honestly :)

  6. Hi Martin,

    I did around 6-7 times of testing with Jason's tip and I have to say that does work. From his tip and multiplication, we can bet up to a max of 7 times with the last bet at 320.

    Can I check if you move your "spot" after each round? I'll share my testing and observation very soon. Already done up my screenshots.

  7. Daniela:
    I have some statistics of about 150 races (I played two times, once about 50 and second time 100 races in row) and I strongly suggest NOT to follow this strategy. During this in every track there were at least one case, when there were 7 not winning races in row (one track 1x, other two tracks 2x). In one case there were 21 non winning races! Probability of this is VERY low, but it happened.

    So, don't follow this strategy or you will lose EVERYTHING. I rather bet every time only 5 coins, minimizing expenses on achieving trophy. :-)

  8. also you can pick a gift and send it to someone you trust; they can send it back then you send it back and they send it back and so on.... you get loads of paw points. and trophy !! especially if it is your most expensive gifft.
    pet society is soooo addictivee.

  9. I can assure you that there is no any proper way to win the bet. There are 3 rows you can bet. If you are thinking to double your bet after you have lost. Don't ever think about it. It's foolish. There is a high probability of loss even you only stick to bet into one row. I have experienced of losing 10 times continously eventhough I'm only stick with one row of betting. Take my advice. Don't bet. It's a TRAP from Pet Society!

  10. I bet and win most 5/7 of the time using the method proposed in part1. but really when u start losing straight and you betting coins amount mounted, ur heart starts to beat fast. Yup lost b4 with lots of coins too. But its a fun Game after all. Gd to keep in contact with your frenz.

  11. i bet 10000 and won 20000

  12. add me in pet society pls... thx..

  13. there's a way of winning unlimited coins (and points) per day, but it goes bit slow and takes some time. So, if you're desperately addicted to the game try this:
    -visit all your friends, remember those with dirty and unhappy pets
    -go for a walk, you'll pick nice sum of coins from the trees
    -go to cafe and visit those pets too. Brush them and make them clean. (you can see immediately those with bad hygiene, by the flies around them)
    -go home and save the game
    -log back into game and you can repeat everything: you won't get 20 coins for visiting friends again, but you can clean them (their hygiene will reset); when you go for a walk, trees are full of coins again; cafe is full with new guests
    -you go back home, save, log back in and so on...
    Averagely, you get 50 coins per login, depends on how many friends you have...

  14. people, I raced in tha stadium several times.. sometimes i won, sometimes not.. but now the races are unavailable.. why is that and is it going to be repaired.. i really want to race again :)

  15. do not apply this strategy...

  16. Hi guys I'm Kristy,
    I'm in level 22 with more than 11 000 paw points and a beautiful house. I'm seriously addicted to pet society. I need help earning coins. I know someone who is at level 47 with more than 10 million coins. Please add me whenever you can, helps you too!!!

    My email:

  17. hi guys i need friends in pet society although i`m very rich

  18. if you wanna get coins DO NOT TRY TO BET AT ALL. just think, the chance you're gonna get trophy is 1/3, but the chance you lose coin is 2/3. there's no point to bet like that. since there are three racers not two. the best way is fight with your friends and go back later for a hug. you get 20 each time.

  19. erm.. I don't know if I was lucky.. But I bet alternate between center and last (furthest) row.. Regardless of the amount, I win every time..

    Anyway, I make sure any amount I lose will be less than my initial coins amount. So I will did not lose anything even if I bet wrongly

  20. Tip 8 doesnt work for me ><"

  21. @Anon 25 May, It's not your fault, Playfish is consistently upgrading their code. So it kind of invalidate some of the tips posted here as times goes by. They have pegged that loop hole some months back. It seemed a little harder to get coins now, the best way for me is still have lots of friends to visit per day.

  22. Bet the weakest friend you have

  23. in tips 7, why the coins always difference? some days 10coins, some days 50 coins, some days 500 coins, thats why have these difference?

  24. an easy way to get coins is lets see............... BUY THEM!!!! FROM MOBILE ITS NOT THAT EXSPENCIVE.