Thursday, November 27, 2008

Playfish : Pet Society, Hurdle Race Tips Part 2

Banana peel 1

Trick 4: First of all, do you know how hard it is to take these banana screen shots. Arrh! I had to do stretching with my fingers... (meaning to hold down Alt, Ctrl and the PrtSc key all at the same time to grab the pic while controlling the mouse with the other??!!)

Ok I'm not sure how well you can see the wordings or if it turns out well on your screen. In any case I'm going to do a simple summary. See banana peel - Just CLICK on them, don't jump. Why? Cos it's faster and you may get coins at times.

Banana Peel Advance

Banana Peel 2

This is about when to click on the banana peel and when not to click.

In picture 1, I would go ahead and click because the other 2 pets are ahead of me.

In picture 2. I will not click, look carefully, there is another pet right beside me, I will leave the peel there to slow the other pet down. Get it? :> Strategize to maximize your coin harvest and chance in winning the race .... !

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  1. Hey me got a tip when there isn't a hurdle infront of a puddle click jump...that will make it faster

  2. @anon 17 Jan, yes that's correct I think I had spokeen about that in the part 1 post.

  3. Clement ~ AnonymousJanuary 31, 2009 at 9:29 PM

    So you mean it will regain normal speed ~ The same as the starting speed?

  4. If I'm "neck and neck" with the other pet, I'll leave the peel for them to trip on, but I'll -try- to click on the peel if the pet next to me jumped over it, since leaving it there would be a waste. xD

  5. The tricky part is trying to focus on obstacles YOU have to dodge and clicking banana peels that failed to do their job. One of my friends plays nice-she clicks on all of the banana peels even if the other pet hasn't gone over it yet I can't say she wins often but she does bring in a few coins, puts an apple on the table xD

  6. This helps a lot!

  7. another good way to avoid getting slowed down by the steeplechase obstacles (the water elements) is to try to jump as close to the hurdle as possible. this means you'll clear more of the puddle in the air rather than having to take steps inside it, which slows you down. it might take significant practice to master this method, but i've found that when neck-and-neck with an opponent, it gives me an edge!

    good luck :)